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Download Inkosi yamagcokama 2017 Songs and Listen to the Hits Like "Kungcono Ngife" and "Asenzele Bona"

Inkosi Yamagcokama 2017 Songs Download: How to Enjoy the Best of Maskandi Music

If you are a fan of Maskandi music, you have probably heard of Inkosi Yamagcokama, one of the most popular and talented artists in this genre. He has released many songs and albums that showcase his unique, rhythmic, and expressive style of singing and playing the guitar. In this article, we will tell you more about him, his 2017 songs, and how you can download them legally and ethically.

Who is Inkosi Yamagcokama?

A brief biography of the Maskandi artist

Inkosi Yamagcokama, whose real name is Scebi Dlamini, was born in KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. He grew up in a rural area where he was exposed to traditional Zulu music and culture. He started singing and playing the guitar at a young age, and soon developed a passion for Maskandi music, which is a type of Zulu folk music that features acoustic instruments, harmonious vocals, and storytelling lyrics.

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His musical style and influences

Inkosi Yamagcokama has a distinctive musical style that combines traditional Maskandi elements with modern influences. He uses a variety of guitar techniques, such as fingerpicking, strumming, sliding, and tapping, to create rhythmic and melodic patterns. He also sings in a soft, high-pitched voice that conveys emotion and personality. His lyrics are based on his real-life experiences and everyday observations, as well as his respect for the Zulu community and culture. He is influenced by other Maskandi artists, such as Phuzekhemisi, Mfaz' Omnyama, Ihashi Elimhlophe, and Shwi Nomtekhala.

His achievements and awards

Inkosi Yamagcokama has established himself as one of the leading Maskandi artists in South Africa. He has released over 10 albums since his debut in 2014, and has sold thousands of copies. He has also won several awards, such as the Best Newcomer Award at the South African Traditional Music Awards (SATMA) in 2015, the Best Male Artist Award at the Ukhozi FM Awards in 2016, and the Best Maskandi Album Award at the South African Music Awards (SAMA) in 2020. He has also performed at various festivals and events, such as the Durban July, the Royal Show, the Macufe Festival, and the Maskandi Festival.

What are his 2017 songs?

A list of his 2017 songs and albums

In 2017, Inkosi Yamagcokama released two albums: Kungcono Ngife (It's Better I Die) and Ngisemathandweni (I'm In Love). Here are some of his songs from these albums:

  • Kungcono Ngife: This is the title track of the album, which is a sad song about losing a loved one.

  • Uvuleni La Okhona: This is a duet with Labelihle, which is a romantic song about opening the door for the one who is there.

  • Ngisemathandweni: This is the title track of the album, which is a happy song about being in love.

  • Uyajola: This is a song about cheating and betrayal in a relationship.

  • Uthando Lwakho: This is a song about appreciating the love of your partner.

  • Ungakhohlwa: This is a song about reminding your partner not to forget you.

A brief description of each song and album

Kungcono Ngife is an album that explores the themes of death, loss, grief, and loneliness. It is a very emotional and personal album, as Inkosi Yamagcokama wrote it after the death of his mother. He expresses his pain and sorrow through his lyrics and vocals, and also pays tribute to his mother and other deceased relatives. The album has 12 songs, and features guest artists such as Labelihle, Khuzani, and Mjikijelwa.

Ngisemathandweni is an album that celebrates the themes of love, romance, happiness, and gratitude. It is a very upbeat and positive album, as Inkosi Yamagcokama wrote it after finding love with his girlfriend. He expresses his joy and appreciation through his lyrics and vocals, and also praises his girlfriend and other loved ones. The album has 14 songs, and features guest artists such as Thokozani Langa, Mroza, and Ntencane.

The themes and messages of his 2017 songs

Inkosi Yamagcokama's 2017 songs reflect his personal experiences and feelings, as well as his social and cultural values. His songs convey various messages, such as:

  • The importance of honoring and remembering your ancestors and elders.

  • The value of loyalty and honesty in a relationship.

  • The joy of finding and keeping true love.

  • The challenge of coping with loss and loneliness.

  • The respect for the Zulu culture and traditions.

How to download his 2017 songs?

The benefits of downloading his songs

If you want to enjoy Inkosi Yamagcokama's 2017 songs, you might want to download them to your device. There are many benefits of downloading his songs, such as:

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  • You can listen to them offline, without needing an internet connection or data.

  • You can create your own playlists and mixtapes, according to your mood or preference.