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[S3E13] Fight Time HOT!

Curt Newton: [00:01:53] Well, one of the things that's up for me is feeling increasingly urgent that, oh my my god, we don't have time for all of this, all of this sort of thoughtful learning. There's too much to do. There's too much to do.

[S3E13] Fight Time

Dave Damm-Luhr: [00:02:20] Right, so I'm really struck by the Mother's Out Front model, which is learning in community, helping each other to learn. These are folks, often working parents that have lots of demands on their lives, and don't have a whole lot of time. Yet, they're somehow able to pull off that learning in community so that no one individual has to bear the whole burden. That seems like a really compelling model to me.

Dave Damm-Luhr: [00:11:07] And it's a process that you have to go through. Like you were saying, you can't just walk into a room and all of a sudden it happens, but it's a process that facilitators like Cate Arnold, who is the faculty member at Boston Latin, who helped start that. Vanessa Rule in Mothers Out Front. Others are facilitators, they're sort of helpers in getting the group to gel and become a community of learners. It takes time.

Dave Damm-Luhr: [00:12:22] Right, but we saw those sorts of things unfolding, if you think back to the conversation we had with Susan Tang, who is the student leader at Boston Latin, she was observing, hey, in the beginning we were talking about recycling and things at the household level and now we're talking about the whole school level, the whole school system level and we're bringing in younger people, or teaching and training the next generation within the school, and we're focused on different kinds of issues. It's not just the household and can you recycle the plastic, which is still good, but it's much larger scale. How can we change the system? Rebecca Park was talking about changing the standards for teaching, changing the testing standards. That's where you make a systems level, an institutional kind of change. And you can use those object. I mean, I'm speaking to your concern Curt about we don't have time. So, maybe it's a matter of changing the object of change from individuals and households and families, to institutions have to learn, have to get more nimble, have to get more responsive. Don't you think?

Dave Damm-Luhr: [00:20:31] Mm-hmm (affirmative). I want to also build on what you were saying before about values Curt, because I think it might have been, if we had had the time to talk with people from faith communities, because those are communities that typically speak from their heart, from their values, and I think there's a lot of learning to change that comes through those values discussions.

Dave Damm-Luhr: [00:23:26] For me personally, it's really important to bring in a systems perspective whenever possible. So, when I was seeing tear gas in the streets of Paris and thought that, oh, our friend Curt is in Paris, I wonder how he's doing there? I realized, this is a learning moment for us as global citizens, as people that have instant access to information about what's happening all across the globe, and we don't have the luxury of time to sit and wait and hope that somebody will somehow have a miracle cure, an engineering solution or whatever that will make the issue go away, but that this is affecting whether governments stand or fall, where we can travel, where we feel comfortable, our lifestyle to which we have become accustomed and gotten, to speak for myself, a little lazy in terms of my choices. It's a collective wake-up call that I think we need to all be thinking in terms of systems instead of just our own little neighborhood and street.

Up at the Buy More, Morgan believes that he is going to be made a full member of Team Bartowski and tenders his resignation to Big Mike. Seeing this from afar, Jeff and Lester see this as an opportunity. When Casey confronts him, it turns out that Casey is actually beginning settle into the Buy More. Morgan then leaves, telling Casey enjoy his old life, a sentiment Casey repeats.

Chuck returns home, and while Morgan is unconvinced of Shaw's motives, Chuck is confident. But, when Chuck shows Morgan security footage of Shaw defeating several Ring operatives in hand-to-hand combat, Morgan stops the video when he notices that none of Shaw's attacks actually connected. When he asks if Chuck had actually seen any blood or grey matter from wounds during the mission, Chuck realizes that Morgan is right. The fight was a sham and Shaw really has turned.

Chuck and Casey arrive, and while Casey deals with the Director, Chuck confronts Shaw, having determined from all his files that every year, Shaw comes to Paris to visit the site of his wife's death. Therefore, it was logical he would want Sarah to see it too. The two fight, but Chuck doesn't want to hurt Shaw, merely protect Sarah. He does flash once, disarming Shaw. Shaw, however, then disarms Chuck, knocking him down. Shaw apologizes and assures Chuck that he is not at fault, and promises not to reveal his identity as the Intersect if he does not interfere. If he tries to follow, he says he will kill Chuck.

Chuck, however, will not allow Sarah to be hurt, and picks up a gun to pursue them, confronting Shaw on a bridge where Shaw intends to throw Sarah into the river. Chuck tries to reason with Shaw, pleading with him not to do this, but Shaw is convinced Chuck is incapable of shooting him, and will not abandon his own obsession for revenge. With no other option, and to save Sarah's life, Chuck shoots Shaw three times in the chest. Shaw topples from the bridge, trying to pull Sarah over the edge with him into the river below. Chuck grabs Sarah, saving her, and watches as Shaw falls into the river.

A wounded Hannibal tries to manipulate Dolarhyde with his personality weaknesses but all the latter is interested in is filming Lecter's death in order to meld with the Dragon's power. As Francis pulls out his knife, Will reaches for his gun. Dolarhyde stabs Will and throws him outside. Will removes the knife from his face and tries to stab Dolarhyde and a fight for control ensues that includes Hannibal in the fray with multiple injuries on all sides. In the end, Will and Hannibal align themselves, whether the former likes it or not, to killing Dolarhyde. "See, this is all I ever wanted...for both of us."

Sep 25, 2019 Up Next Bump & Run: Season 3 - Episode 3 This time, the guys discuss the best South American golfers and Danny Willett's return to form, and Bob tells a story of Mike Weir getting caught in his underwear in a pond on a golf course.

When the Pteranodon kids decide to draw some maps, Don's map of one big land mass for "the whole Mesozoic" triggers a discussion on whether the Mesozoic is "one big place that's all connected" or comprised of a bunch of smaller, interconnected land masses. On the Dinosaur Train, the Conductor explains that millions of years ago there actually was just one big land mass called "Pangaea"! Then, over a long period of time, it started to drift apart and form separate, smaller landmasses, or continents. Our family can't believe it! The Conductor offers to take the Pteranodons up in the Zeppelin and through a Sky Time Tunnel, back to the time of Pangaea. At the Zeppelin Station, they meet up with Tricia Troodon, who helps pilot the Zeppelin on their journey. Once in the sky and through the time tunnel, our family is able to see Pangaea, the one giant landmass, just as it's starting to break apart. Then the family travels forward in time and views the continents separating more as oceans and seas move in between the land. Looking down at how their coastline looks in the Cretaceous Period, Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don all agree that seeing Pangaea breaking apart is one of the coolest things they've ever seen! As the Pteranodon kids are playing outside their nest, a few seedpods fall from a nearby tree, bonking Don on the head. This leads to a discussion about how far away things can fall from...maybe even from space?? Buddy hypothesizes that perhaps if a star came close enough, it could land on Earth! On the Dinosaur Train, the Conductor explains that things actually do fall from space. Big space rocks, called "asteroids," sometimes land on Earth, and when they occasionally do, they make a biiiiig hole, called a crater. Don perks up at this-he'd love to see a crater! So the Conductor takes the Pteranodon Family up in the Zeppelin to see a giant crater from above! On the ground, they explore the crater and find fragments of "space rocks" from the former asteroid. As evening falls and our family flies back home, the Conductor and Mom and Dad surprise the kids with a picnic dinner on the Zeppelin-hurrah! 041b061a72


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