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Pastor Gabe, you blessed us with your sermon on March 27, 2022. I asked my husband what he wanted for his b-day on March 26th and as usually he would say I am blessed beyond measure and that he did not need anything for his bday. I know how much he loves to watch JSM on SBN. For weeks we watched you Pastor Gabe and your Father Pastor Donnie talk about your Sat. Prayer. I knew that I had to take my husband to FWC. My husband was so happy when I told him That he was going to finally be in the Sat. prayer. We jumped into our car on March 25th, left Midland Georgia and headed to the Family Worship Center. We attended the Morn. & Eve. prayer on March 26th. We were both blessed by the prayers & the word u brought forth on 03/27. My husband is now enjoying some books that I purch. from the bookstore 4 him. We made it home safe on 03/28. God Bless You, with the donation we left in the collection basket for the March Biblethon. Lisa & Demetrius Willis from Midland Georgia

oh I appreciate family worship center and the ministering and peaching and the singing Gabrial I loved the service on sunday Feb 14 Gabrial love your engery and your excitement I got so excited too in the lord expecially when the singers sang walking with Jesus talking with Jesus I really felt in the service and the holy spirit in my home I wish so much I could attend a service I love the family worship center singers family worship center is a breath of fresh air sad I live in steinbach manitoba Canada and all our churches are closed since last year the churches and pastors have fallen for the propaganda bowed down to the Government

Hi, I'm a media church member, but have followed Pastor Jimmy Swaggart for years. Gabe you were a toddler then. What a blessing to see how you've grown in the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm home bound most of the time and don't know what I'd do if SBN didn't exist. Thank you for all that you do Pastor Gabe. God richly bless you and your family!

Just started listening, a couple months ago off and on, I am a born-again Christian and love your ministry and now let it play through the night in my room, thank you Sir for your ministry I love the teachings about Grace!

Hi,just started to watch you ministries about a year ago. I really enjoy it very much.Also,I was watching you on Sunday evening Service.When you had on Grace B.Preaching I really enjoyed her message.I didn't realize she was such a natural.Hope you guys will let her preach again. Thanks for you time. P.S. I hope one of these days you might bring you ministrieto indianapolis,Ind so i might see you in person.Thanks. jeff griswold

You have officiallybecome an evangelelist!Today was God driven you have in you the most precious gift The TrueWord it's not given to everyone you definitely are full.please be aware of your power He had given you.God Bless You

When our Lord uses a person to bring forth a saved soul in The Holy Spirit,speaking in younger daily and then goes into an extreme healing process,I personally feel that individual should know.It is not a respecting of persons to do such.God used you unknowingly to save a life last July.From there only was I able to go forward in Christ and the cross,learning his love for me.Thanks Pastor Gabe.I hope The Holy Spirit ordain you to know your Saturday show brought me to the road.God bless you.

I love SBN I heard this morning on BIBLE THON AMERICA's greatest export is the word of GOD and the world's source of the true word of GOD by annoited men of GOD is SBN and the great SWAGGART FAMILY THANK YOU Gabriel Swaggart

Make this be your #1 e-mail. I'm proud of you. I'm watching your program on Christian music. You are saying what has needed to be said a long time ago. Don't listen to those other e-mails. They are from Baal's unworthy people. Keep it up. We need to hear this for our young people. Get to the parents, then they will not go. I loved the whole program. God was really talking through you today. with love bro Gabe.

I was so touched this weekend, watching SBN and their Family Worship Center Sunday service, and also watching Pastor Gabriel Swaggart and his show Generations of the Cross. Even though I am 59, and his show is geared to teen and young adults, I felt his message was speaking to me. He spoke about things I think about and go through. Really moved me. I love the family worship center singers, all of them are amazing! I thank you all for changing my life today. I'm a huge fan! God Bless you all for the work you do.

My daughter was robbed while visiting me. We prayed and talked to God about what had happened. Local law enforcement did their job in helping her. However, she managed to say to me , "Mom God is still good, I did not loose my life." I spoke with her about her walk with the church and told my 24 year old blessed daughter that there are many Christian colleges she could attend and earn a degree to work for God. GS is a great starting place. I hope she explore your ministry and follow God's purpose in her life. Amen! GS keep reaching out to our young adults and youth. Jesus is the reason for the cause.

My mother was flipping through the channels on night about a year or two ago and discovered SBN. Ever since we have watched the live worship services as well as the other programs. I grew up watching your grandfather's crusades on tv. Brother Gabriel I have watched you preach many times I must say your style of preaching some what reminds me of your grandfather's preaching back in his young days.

As I have grown older I remember the words someone spoke and the tremendous impact those words have had on my life.The strength those words have given me over the years in overcoming life's ups and downs.I was facing a very big problem in my life. I sat and started thinking about what I could do and who could help me.As I sat in my living room watching TV in Zambia, Pastor Jimmy Swaggart came on, read Isaiah 45:20 "Assemble yourselves and come; draw near together, ye that are escaped of the nations: they have no knowledge that set up the wood of their graven image, and pray unto a god that cannot save."......pray to a God that CAN NOT SAVE .....Pastor Swaggart made it very clear that even though there are millions around the world who faithfully complete religious rituals every day,there is ONLY ONE who can SAVE, only ONE who LIVES, and ONLY ONE who is ALIVE and CAN HELP ME. The difference those words have made in my life !

Dear brother Gabe. I want to thank you so much for carrying on the Gospel of Jesus Christ that the Lord raised up your grandpa to do over 60 years ago. it's been nearly 4 years since sbn came to our television networks and it has been a Miracle to me and my parents. We feel born again all over again because we are truly hearing the Cross of Christ being preached instead of false Doctrine. I watch SBN morning noon and night. There isn't much on TV that I'm interested anymore other than SBN. I've Been Changed literally, spiritually, and I'm so thankful. I've been born again for years but never knew the message of the Cross until 2014. Like the song says I have decided to follow Jesus no turning back no turning back. I have a boldness for Jesus I never had before and it came instantly within days of turning sbn on. The Holy Spirit renewed me as a born-again believer hungering to really know the Lord the right way. Now I do. God bless you and thank you.

Your Facebook page post popped up on my wife's feed as a 'Suggestion'. I opened the page and you had a 'word' for my life directly to me. Gabe never doubt the calling or anointing on you and your families life. Till we meet on the other side - Jerald

Brother Gabe, Donnie and Jimmy. The way God speaks through all of you is amazing. I am blessed and so thankful that I can watch SBN. I started listen to Jimmy Swaggart In the late 70's. I had the pleasure to go to one of your grandfathers crusades in the early 80's at Reunion Arena in Dallas TX. My family are the owners of Impact Tint and Audio in Tyler, TX. I was very surprised and proud that our business was mentioned on the December Share-a-thon. I realize your time is so valuable. I would really enjoy having you and whomever is with you to stop by and see us. I have so much I would love to share with you. Too much to put here. I am so thankful for JSM and SBN. THANK YOU for being there 24/7. Mark at Impact Tint and Audio.

The way Pastor Gabe preaches made me cry yesterday. I didn't know I had access to SBN Channel on my tv set, here in Rio, Brazil. Unfortunately, when I tried to watch it using original sound, it came up with translation in Spanish. But I'll be watching anyway, from now on. God bless you all!Rosane Lima

Thanks for coming to GA. We really enjoyed the service Friday night. I was so glad to see Jimmy and Frances there. I remember when I was 16 years old (some 37 years ago) I went to a Jimmy Swaggart Crusade in Atlanta, is was there I received the baptism in the holy ghost. I was having flashbacks Friday night. It was awesome. The music was spectacular. I love all the singers and was glad to see Joseph, Brian, Jill, Martha and Kim. Please continue to bring holy ghost meetings across America. God bless. 041b061a72


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