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The Best Sonic Dash 4 Cheats, Hacks, and Mods

Sonic dash has so much score today Im first in the leaderboard we give it 5 out of 5 and we got 11 characters only in one year its great please give more things keep the token ok Im 7 year old but This game is Amazing keep this on please add sonic prime things NOW sorry for yelling at you.

sonic dash 4


We are such a huge fan of sonic the hedgehog even though we are 12 years old we started playing this since we were nine it is a really good game and we think its a five or five like they said back in the 90s Sega does what Nintendont and we think the creators who made this game did such an amazing job. They should make a sonic animated movie, but this game is a really good game.

"There are 45 different sprites available at the moment," she said, each with different abilities to aid gameplay. Some sprites increase the length of your dash, while others shield Sonic and his gang more often.

Sonic Dash is a third-person endless runner similar to Temple Run. The player controls Sonic (or other unlockable characters such as Tails or Knuckles) by swiping left and right as he continuously runs forward. Obstacles and enemies that he comes across can be avoided or taken out by swiping up and down to do spin jumps and spin dashes. The player's objective is simply to run as far as possible without colliding with a wall, running off the course or being knocked out by an enemy. The setting of the game is based on the Seaside Hill and Ocean Palace levels from Sonic Heroes. Enemies in the game includes crabmeats, spikes and choppers.

Throughout the world there are rings that can be collected and doing so causes the dash meter to fill up. When full, a boost dash can be launched which allows Sonic to dash through obstacles at high speed. Collected rings can also be used in the shop to buy various items and upgrade. However they first need to be banked which is done by jumping on springs. If the rings are not banked they will be all lost if the player collides with an enemy. If the player doesn't have any rings in possession when running into an enemy he will get knocked out and the game ends. In addition to the banking springs there are also other springs with different functions. This include taking the player to another level (Seaside Hill or Ocean Palace) or a section with loop-de-loops and corkscrews. There are also springs that lead to boss fights against Zazz from Sonic Lost World. When hitting a spring the player can earn extra rings by performing four tricks. These are done by swiping in the direction shown on screen.

As a free-to-play game there is a in-game shop where power ups, upgrades, characters and rings can be bought. There are two currencies, rings and red star rings. Both can be either bought with real money or earned by playing the game. Power ups include headstarts and revive tokens, while upgrades include dash fill rate, shield and dash boost.

Luis Robert, the reigning Carolina League Player of the Week, ignited the Dash (7-8) offense on the second pitch of the game. On a 1-0 offering from Nick Raquet (1-2), Robert drilled his league-leading sixth home run to dead center to give Winston-Salem a 1-0 edge. The superstar prospect finished the night 3-for-5, good for his 11th multi-hit effort in 13 games.Winston-Salem added its second run in the second. After Carlos Perez doubled with two outs, Tate Blackman stroked a run-scoring double to center to make it a 2-0 contest. Tyler Frost helped create some more distance in the third. With two on and one out, Frost extended his hitting streak to nine games with a two-run double to left-center. The former Gonzaga star went 2-for-4, and he is 14-for-38 during his hit streak. The Dash added their final run in the fourth when Yeyson Yrizarri doubled home Blackman. Winston-Salem's 15 hits were one shy of their season-best mark they set in their home opener on April 11 against Potomac.Alec Hansen relieved Kubat in the seventh and continued his impressive 2019 campaign. Hansen tossed two hitless innings in his fifth appearance of the season. So far this year, Hansen has not allowed a hit in six innings of work, and he has struck out nine batters in that span. After managing just three hits through the first eight innings, Potomac mustered a rally in the ninth against Kevin Escorcia. David Masters stroked a two-out, two-run single to cut the deficit to three, and, following a double from Osvaldo Abreu, Luis Ledo came in to replace the Dash southpaw. But, after Cole Freeman then extended the game with a run-scoring single, Ledo retired Telmito Agustin on a fly out to right to earn his second save of the season.Winston-Salem continues its four-game set against Potomac on Friday night at Pfitzner Stadium. The Dash will send left-hander Cristian Castillo (0-1, 4.91 ERA) to the bump against Nationals right-hander Malvin Pena (1-1, 9.00 ERA). First pitch is set for 7:05 p.m., and fans can catch all of the action on and the TuneIn Radio App.Following the Dash's seven-game road trip, the Dash return home for a seven-game homestand beginning on Friday, April 26, against the Frederick Keys. After Friday's game, there will be a postgame fireworks display. Live music and a Chick-fil-A Four Pack Night are on deck for Saturday, followed by a Lowes Foods Family Sunday during the series finale.The homestand will roll into the following week with a four-game series against Potomac from April 29-May 2, which features a Free Food Monday and a Taco Tuesday. The homestand finale will be a Lowes Foods Thirsty Thursday, a Pups in the Park Night, presented by Handy and Handy Orthodontics, and a Rayados Day. For tickets and more information, call the Dash at (336) 714-2287 or visit

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