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Anime De Wakaru Shinryounaika !!TOP!!

An anime adaptation is produced by Shin-Ei Animation (under the name For All) and directed by Hirofumi Ogura. The original net animation series Comical Psychosomatic Medicine (アニメで分かる心療内科, Anime de Wakaru Shinryōnaika) started to stream in Japan on February 13, 2015 with about five minutes per episode. The ending theme is Karappo Capsule (からっぽカプセル, Empty Capsule) by Maaya Uchida.[3]

Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika

Have issues with depression, erectile disfunction, dementia, or even with your love life? Don't worry, as the psychologist Ryo and his nurse Asuna will seriously try to help you understand these mental disorders all while laughing in this comedy anime!

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Sickness to the mental mind. Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika takes a more lighthearted and humorous side to usually serious medical disorders. Only 5 minutes per episode, this anime is what you should watch every time you only have a small time for break. It also gives us different facts we might not even know about our mind. Jokes, whether perverse or not, are clever and fun. Asuna and Ryo's interactions throughout the series is something to look forward to as well.

There is no OP. So, let's talk about the ED. The Ending is catchy to say the least. Not the best of the season, but its easy to sing along with. Animation courtesy of Shin-ei Animation, a studio I never heard of. Despite that, it's simple and smooth. It may not be beautiful like those of Saekano and Oregairu. Zoku, but it is tolerable. And besides, animation is not one of the major points of the anime! It is the jokes and the..

Practically the most entertaining character in the anime (along with the old perv), Asuna Kangoshi is the assistant nurse of Ryou Shinnai but ironically, she is totally dependent on Ryou to explain things for her. Sure nurses are dependent on doctors, but Asuna is unusually too clueless and dependent to be a nurse. Her inquisitive personality reminds me of a certain Eru Chitanda. Yup, one of the reasons why I like her.

The older sister of Asuna. She also serves as the main source of the fanservice for the anime. She is often seen with a playful and seductive personality, which I don't mind since her attitude was very funny. Usually, I found the seductive personality a bit unnerving, but she is unique from the usual seductive Onee-san girls found in harems and such. And so, she landed a safe spot.

For you waifu-hungry otakus, there is one girl in the anime that will most certainly catch your lusty eye. Himeru Kangoshi is basically the Kosaki Onodera of Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika. Except, she is more shy and totally dependent on her sisters, Asuna and Iyashi. She definitely left an impression on me on episode 8, when she was covered in sea slugs. Though I kinda found her annoying on the first episodes she has appeared, her habit of putting on a pig mask whenever she is bashful was hilarious.

The episode was about sleep apnea, though it not lacked references to sexual matters. As for the Ashita no Joe reference I cannot really comment on it for I have not read any of the manga, or watched anime (if it has anime). However the episode was worth a few sniggers this time. 041b061a72


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