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Apki Kaneez Ep 21: The Story of a Girl Who Married a Man Twice Her Age and Half in Love

Aap ki Kaneez Episode 21 Review: A Twist of Fate

Aap ki Kaneez is a Pakistani drama series that airs on Geo Kahani. It tells the story of a young girl named Kaneez who is married to a wealthy man named Shah Mir Afandi who is still in love with his dead wife Sheerin. Kaneez has to face many challenges and difficulties in her new life as she tries to win the love and respect of her husband and his family. However, her life takes a dramatic turn when a mysterious woman arrives at Shah Mir's house and claims to be Sheerin's sister and Shah Zar's real mother.

In this article, we will review the 21st episode of Aap ki Kaneez that aired on April 9, 2019. We will summarize what happened in the episode, analyze its strengths and weaknesses, and conclude with its impact on the viewers. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about the show.

apki kaneez ep 21

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Aap ki Kaneez is a drama series that explores the themes of love, marriage, family, society, and culture. It is written by Faiza Iftikhar and directed by Amir Yousuf. It stars Shamim Hilali, Atiqa Odho, Aly Khan, Yumna Zaidi, Sohail Asghar, Gul-e-Rana, Ayesha Toor, Mohammad Ali Khan, Zainab Jameel, Farah Nadir, and Iman.

The story revolves around Shah Mir Afandi, a rich businessman who lost his wife Sheerin while she was giving birth to their daughter Parniyan Shah Mir also has a stepson named Shah Zar who is the son of his first wife who died in a car accident. Shah Zar is a spoiled and arrogant young man who does not respect his stepmother Sheerin or his stepsister Parniyan. He also has a secret affair with his cousin Zareen who is the daughter of Shah Mir's uncle.

Kaneez is a poor orphan girl who works as a maid in Shah Mir's house. She is kind, innocent, and loyal to her employers. She has a crush on Shah Mir but she knows that he will never love her. She also has a close friendship with Parniyan who treats her like a sister.

One day, Shah Mir's uncle decides to marry Zareen to Shah Zar without his consent. Shah Zar refuses to marry Zareen and runs away from home. He meets Kaneez on the way and asks her to help him escape. Kaneez agrees to help him out of loyalty to Shah Mir. However, they are caught by some goons who mistake them for lovers and try to harm them. Kaneez saves Shah Zar by claiming that they are married.

When Shah Mir finds out about this, he is furious and decides to punish Kaneez by marrying her himself. He thinks that this will teach her a lesson and also save his family's honor. He does not care about Kaneez's feelings or consent. He treats her as a servant and not a wife. He also makes it clear that he will never love her as he still loves his dead wife Sheerin.

Summary of Episode 21

In the 21st episode of Aap ki Kaneez, we see how Kaneez and Shah Mir's relationship progresses after their marriage. We also witness a shocking twist that changes everything.

Kaneez's dilemma

Kaneez is unhappy and miserable in her marriage to Shah Mir. She loves him but he does not love her back. He ignores her, insults her, and humiliates her in front of his family and society. He does not even let her sleep in his bedroom. He only married her to punish her and save his reputation.

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Kaneez tries to win his love and respect by being obedient, respectful, and caring. She cooks for him, cleans for him, and takes care of his daughter Parniyan. She also tries to befriend his stepson Shah Zar who hates her. She hopes that one day he will realize her worth and accept her as his wife.

However, she faces opposition from his family and society who look down on her as a maid and a gold digger. They taunt her, mock her, and abuse her verbally and physically. They do not consider her as a part of their family or their class. They also plot against her to ruin her marriage and make her leave the house.

Shah Mir's struggle

Shah Mir is also unhappy and conflicted in his marriage to Kaneez. He is still in love with his dead wife Sheerin who was his soulmate and his best friend. He misses her every day and cannot forget her. He keeps her pictures, clothes, and belongings in his room as a reminder of their love.

He treats Kaneez as a servant and not a wife. He does not care about her feelings or needs. He does not talk to her, touch her, or look at her. He only married her to teach her a lesson and save his honor. He thinks that she is beneath him and does not deserve him.

He also deals with his daughter Parniyan and his stepson Shah Zar who have their own issues and problems. Parniyan is a sweet and innocent girl who loves both her parents dearly. She misses her mother Sheerin but she also likes Kaneez who treats her like a sister. She wants her father to be happy and to love Kaneez as well.

Shah Zar is a spoiled and arrogant young man who does not respect anyone except himself. He hates Kaneez who he thinks is a low-class woman who trapped him into marriage. He also hates his father who he thinks is unfair and cruel to him. He only loves Zareen who he wants to marry despite his family's opposition.

The unexpected twist

The episode takes a dramatic turn when Shah Mir's cousin Zareen arrives at his house unexpectedly. She is the daughter of Shah Mir's uncle who lives in Dubai. She is beautiful, rich, and modern. She claims that she came to visit her relatives after a long time.

However, she has a hidden agenda behind her visit. She reveals that she is Sheerin's sister and Shah Zar's real mother. She says that she and Sheerin were separated at birth and grew up in different countries. She says that she came to Pakistan to meet her sister but found out that she was dead. She says that she is devastated by her loss and wants to be a part of her sister's family.

However, she also has another motive behind her claim. She says that she is in love with Shah Mir and wants to marry him. She says that she and Shah Mir were engaged before he married Sheerin but they broke up due to some misunderstanding. She says that she never stopped loving him and wants to reunite with him.

She also says that she is the biological mother of Shah Zar who she gave birth to when she was young and unmarried. She says that she gave him to Sheerin to raise as her own son as she could not take care of him. She says that she regrets her decision and wants to take him back.

She also says that she has the legal rights over Shah Mir and his property as his former fiancee and Shah Zar's mother. She says that she will not let anyone come between her and her love. She says that she will not accept Kaneez as Shah Mir's wife and will do everything to get rid of her.

Analysis of Episode 21

The 21st episode of Aap ki Kaneez was a roller coaster ride of emotions, drama, and suspense. It had many strengths and weaknesses that we will discuss below.

The strengths of the episode

The episode had many strong points that made it interesting and engaging for the viewers. Some of them are:

  • The acting performances of the cast: The actors and actresses of Aap ki Kaneez did a great job in portraying their characters and expressing their emotions. They made the viewers feel their pain, joy, anger, and love. They also had a good chemistry with each other and made their scenes believable and realistic.

  • The emotional scenes between Kaneez and Shah Mir: The episode had some touching and heartbreaking scenes between Kaneez and Shah Mir that showed their complex and conflicted relationship. They showed how Kaneez loves Shah Mir unconditionally but he does not reciprocate her feelings. They also showed how Shah Mir is torn between his love for his dead wife Sheerin and his duty towards his new wife Kaneez. They also showed how they both suffer from their marriage and how they try to cope with it.

  • The suspense and drama created by Zareen's entry: The episode had a major twist that changed the course of the story and the characters. Zareen's entry as Sheerin's sister and Shah Zar's mother added a new dimension to the plot and created new conflicts and challenges for the main characters. It also raised the curiosity and excitement of the viewers about what will happen next.

The weaknesses of the episode

The episode also had some weak points that made it less convincing and appealing for the viewers. Some of them are: