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Compress 1GB File To 10MB file..!

When you compress, or zip, your file, it decreases its size, and it might decrease it enough to fit within the Outlook size limits for attachments. The following articles describe how to compress and extract files for different Windows operating systems.

Compress 1GB file to 10MB file..!

It's quite easy to reduce video file size using online services - choose a video to upload, compress, and download. However, you'd better know that most online video compressor tools have 500MB size limit, ads, low compression ratio, and slow processing speed. Here we pick top 3 online services and offer user guides to help you compress videos more than 1GB/2GB/4GB to MB for Instagram, Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube, Email, Google Drive, etc.

Tips: before uploading a video file, you can select target video codec, compression method, target video size (%), and apply settings from default. 100MB video file would be compressed to 10Mb if you select 10% next to the target video size.

Overview: Clideo is a drag-and-drop tool to compress 2GB video to 10MB online, with a simple video uploading button on the Clideo video compressor page. Free users will be allowed to compress a maximum of 500MB of video files. There are no video compression options like video size, video quality, or video bitrate. All you need to do is to upload your video, wait for the preprocessing, and download the compressed video. Commonly, it compresses video files by 20%-50% with the acceptable video quality.

The 20%-40% file size off is far from enough for those who want to compress 1GB video to 10MB free online. It lacks features to compress videos by lowering video resolution, bit rate, cutting video length, etc. Output compressed video will have a Clideo watermark.

1. Head to -video, click the blue Choose file button and select the MP4 video you want to compress or click the drop-down icon to upload the MP4 video file from Dropbox and Google Drive. The whole uploading process may take a long time.

3. Download the compressed videos to your device after the compressing process is finished. You should see the compression ratio and final video file size on the window. It requires register to remove the watermark.

Oveview: VideoSmaller can automatically compress video from GB to MB online. Users can upload a maximum of 500MB for free to the online MP4 video compressor without registration. It offers some basic video compression options, including a low compress level that outputs the best quality (large file size) and audio removal and scaling video width. It works in most browsers, such as Chrome, and Firefox.

Overview: MP4COMPRESS is a clean and easy-to-use free online MP4 video compressor. Similar to VideoSmaller, it cuts video size about 12% off with acceptable video quality. All you need to do is to upload the clip you want to compress and then download the compressed video file. The online-based tool compresses the clip automatically. It allows free users to compress a maximum 500MB video file.

3. You should see a "Download File" link after the compression process completes. Click the Download File link to get the shrinked MP4 video online. The video file you upload will be deleted by the service later.

Overview: CloudPresso is a professional online file compressor, enabling users to compress MP4 videos, images, documents, and APK. It allows you to compress 100MB for free without signing up. Up to 10 video files can be uploaded at a time. The service claims that it reduces video size by 80% off for the web, social media, or email. It offers different quality choices, High, Very High, and Maximum. Higher video quality means a larger video file size.

1. Head to CloudPresso website and click the Video Compress section to open the video compress page. Click the Select file button, choose a video to upload, or drop your video here. You can add up to 10 video files at a time. Batch video processing is supported by CloudPresso.

3. Click the Compress button to start uploading the video file for compression. The compression process is quite time consuming. After the uploading process completes, click the Download zip file button to save the compressed video file to your device.

Open an online compressor service, click the Choose Files button, and select the source large MP4 video. Click the Compress Now button to upload the source file. Click the Compress More Videos to upload more video files. When the upload process completes, click the Download All button to save all the compressed videos to your device.

Most free version of online video compressor services only allows users to upload max 100-500MB videos. The top-ranked free online video compressor Freeconvert offers max 1GB. No service provide max 2GB for free. To compress a 2GB video to MB online, you need to subscribe. Basic subscription also has strict video file size limits, for 2GB or larger video files, video compression software is recommended.

Do you know about KGB Archiver, it is one of the best tools for compressing large files into small files. It can be used to compress even a 1GB file into 10MB, which is not possible. Using this tool you can save more space on your disks. This tool is recently found to save data and space.

While transferring large files like movies and Games it will take more time but this tool completely changes when we talk about large files. There is a Solution to solve this problem it can be used to compress data into any format like .zip Rar, and uploading them into online (for sharing). In this method whenever you want to share them you can easily download and extract your data.So now, you can fully do that using KGB Archiver tool. Follow this guide in this article and learn more about how to highly compress files using KGB Archiver to Compressor and upload them into online to save your data balance.

Here the tool KGB achieve is a tool which makes your files into smaller and we can compress the files into smaller and may save your memory my sincere advice is to use and may reduce your disc space efficiently without any problems, I think this a cool and efficient tool which will reduce your disc space, and the files are safe.and we can easily back up the data required.

after download, we need to take the following the steps and read the steps while you perform. dont worry about the installation process I am there to help you and after installing we get a pop up window if not go to start and search for the KGB achiever and open the file and we get a pop-up window and in the menu we have to choose the file to be compressed and then type of compression level you need ,the compression level may decrease the size of the file and may advise is to the high compression level. after that go for compress button and wait for few minutes.

The time is mainly depend on the level of compression and the performance of our PC like maximum ,normal,low,very weak and after completion we get the compressed file and in this way we can easily convert the files and compress the files easily by using the KBG archive so I think that u get the usage and advantages and disadvantages of the tool so please be careful and enjoy by this KGB archiver thanks for being patience

Most Mac devices now come with iMovie, the free movie editing tool from Apple. With iMovie, you can shorten your video and only send a part of it, obviously decreasing the size of the file. Additionally, iMovie contains a feature that prepares your file for e-mail which helps compress it for sending:

If you need to send a really big file, or lots of little files, one neat trick is to simply compress the file. This means, you're sending the actual PDF or PSD, or whatever, but you're compressing the data so that the file size is smaller.

File compression involves taking the original PDF and compressing the data, so the total file size is smaller. By compressing PDFs, you can reduce the file size between 20 and 30 percent, making it possible to email large PDF files without compromising quality or readability.

Zip it, archive it, compress it. When you want a quick fix that drastically reduces file size, compressing it is always the way to go. Turn 30 files into one, or turn a 10mb file into a 6mb file. Depending on the source, compressing a file can make sending it via email significantly easier.

If all else fails, send the file (or folders) through SmartFile. There is NO file size limit, so this is a fail-safe option every time. Send a 50gb file, or 20 folders with 2gb files in each! You never need to compromise file type, file revision, or file compressing. The recipient will have a unique URL, and they can easily download multiple files. Unlimited file size is always a great option for whatever project you are working on. Try SmartFile free for 14 days!

I have made an application in android that lets the user compress and decompress files and I used the package Everything is okay. the speed, files are totally compressed and decompressed together with the directories. The only problem is that the application is not able to compress/decompress large files (greater than 1gb).

Thanks for the comments and answers. It really helped a lot. I thought BUFFER in compressing/decompressing in java means the size of file so in my program, I made the buffer size flexible (buffer size = file size). Will someone please explain how buffer works so I can understand why is it okay that BUFFER has a fixed value. Also for me to figure it out why others people is telling that it is much better if the buffer size is 8k or else. Thanks a lot! :)

It is easy to compress a 1GB video to 10MB with different online video compressors like EaseUS Video Converter, VLC Media Player, Handbrake, or Clideo. All these tools can be quickly used by beginners in decreasing video file size.

Sharing big videos remains a tricky task, especially when it is about big files. Go through our detailed review of the process to compress 1GB video to 10MB. The limits on the maximum file sizes for leading platforms like TikTok, WhatsApp, etc., further lay stress on the dedicated need for video compressors.


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