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Tomorrow Never Dies(1997)

Is Pierce Brosnan better or worse as Bond than Connery, Lazenby, Moore and Dalton? This is one of those questions (like why doesn't tomorrow ever die?) that can be debated but never answered. Basically, you have Connery, and then you have all of the rest. I enjoyed Brosnan in the role, although this time I noticed fewer Bondian moments in which the trademarks of the series are relished.

Tomorrow Never Dies(1997)

never seemed to me to be radically different from the beloved THE SPY WHO LOVED ME. a reasonably ridiculous story by Bond standards coupled with some incredible production design and superb late-analog action sequences the likes of which will simply never be seen again. i'm admittedly not very hard on these films but this one still feels underappreciated.

The only aspect of Goldeneye I will concede is that the story is better than that of Tomorrow Never Dies (TND). Every other aspect of TND is improved from Goldeneye. Action, set pieces, sound effects, etc. are all improved. The most disappointing part of Goldeneye was Bond is given a car with stinger missiles and other gadgets but he's never able to use it. TND corrects this mistake and showcases an incredible action sequence that's cool as shit showing this BMW 750 that uses all these amazing gadgets it has. Also Michelle Yeoh is a much better "bond girl" than Izabella Scorupco, and Yeoh has a lot more action sequences and does more than Scorupco.

The awful villains hurt this movie, though. The main villain, Carver, was just so ridiculously dumb, as was his plan, that he felt like someone who would have never been able to create the media empire he was in control of. Even his best henchmen felt like they suffered from a few too many head-traumas. But the worst came from the fact that many of Bond's adversaries weren't hired mercenaries or soldiers, but simple employees of a news agency, mainly security. That's right, he beat up and killed normal people who were just doing their job by attempting to stop an intruder. Who's supposed to be the bad guy again? 041b061a72


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